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Like fireworks? Good.

Fri Jan 25, 2013, 7:12 PM


Fri Nov 2, 2012, 9:19 AM
Yeah, I haven't been super active.

I gotta make a comeback! Like soon!


If you want to know what's been going on, be sure to check out my blog. I update that more than I do here.

Keep it real! :)

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Be super and vote for me!

Thu May 3, 2012, 3:01 AM
The Artwork You Make... by zavaboy
I recently submitted an entry for the design challenge. Yeah, I'm asking you to vote for it. I'm also giving a free premium membership away if it reaches 100 unique commenters. Go check it out!

Don't forget to also share it with all your friends! That can go a long way!

Thanks! :)

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2009 Calendar in 2012

Fri Jan 27, 2012, 2:27 PM
2009 Calendar - for 'whatever year it is' by zavaboy
It is time. I've held back the amazing artwork I made for my 2009 calendar until now. In the following months, I will post each of the calendar's artwork every week.

So, if you were around when I had my calendar available in 2008 and 2009, you may or may not have seen all 14 3D works of art. All of my calendar sales were local sales and I made absolutely no sales through deviantART. This didn't motivate me to make another calendar and I probably never will without some good support first. When I say support, I'm not talking about some praise, I'm talking about somebody who pays, someone who would pledge to buy a calendar or two even if they have to wait a whole year for it.

Anyway, after I'm done with this journal entry, I'm going to go post the cover artwork and January. Here's the schedule:

Every Friday like so:
:bulletgreen: Jan 27 - Front Cover Artwork
:bulletgreen: Jan 27 - January
:bulletyellow: Feb 3 - February (posted late: Feb 4)
:bulletyellow: Feb 10 - March (posted late: Feb 11)
:bulletyellow: Feb 17 - April (Posted late: Feb 19)
:bulletgreen: Feb 24 - May
:bulletgreen: Mar 2 - June
:bulletgreen: Mar 9 - July
:bulletyellow: Mar 16 - August (Posted late: Mar 17)
:bulletgreen: Mar 23 - September
:bulletyellow: Mar 30 - October (Posted late: Mar 31)
:bulletgreen: Apr 6 - November
:bulletgreen: Apr 13 - December
:bulletyellow: Apr 13 - Back Cover Artwork (Posted late: Apr 14)

I'm not sure how closely I'll stick to this schedule, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to post it. Keep note this is based on Eastern Time, so those of you in the UK and other parts may see it the next morning depending when I actually post them.

The artwork will be posted for download of the *original* quality and size.

Here's what I have posted thus far:
2009 Calendar - Front Cover - Diamond of Love by zavaboy2009 Calendar - January - Frozen Mind by zavaboy2009 Calendar - February - Crystal Flame by zavaboy2009 Calendar - March - Blueberry Twist by zavaboy2009 Calendar - April - Burned by zavaboy2009 Calendar - May - Flake of Faith by zavaboy2009 Calendar - June - Fireswell by zavaboy2009 Calendar - July - Cold Focus by zavaboy2009 Calendar - August - Heat of Day by zavaboy2009 Calendar - September - Black Hole by zavaboy2009 Calendar - October - Plastik by zavaboy2009 Calendar - November - Temperate by zavaboy2009 Calendar - December - Nightwatch by zavaboy2009 Calendar - Back Cover - Unlocked Secret by zavaboy

Stay tuned!
That is all! :)

"I don't ever want to be quoted!" - Anonymous
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I think I be back!

Fri Oct 29, 2010, 2:07 PM
I will try and get more works of art up and about in the following weeks.

I'm beginning to wonder how many of my friends are still active... Are you? Comment please.

"I don't ever want to be quoted!" - Anonymous
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dA v6 vs. v7

The past few days I've been posting the results of v6 vs. v7 by showing comparisons of the comment moods on the two versions' release news articles. I decided to stop when I saw my previous one on the same page of 100 comments. Let me point out that all the below results are automatically generated by a script at the time indicated apart from the first one (listed last) which was manually put together approximately at the time indicated.
  • 2010-05-24 16:06:48 UTC
    mood     6       7       % diff.
    love     842     430     -  49
    joy      802     341     -  57
    wow      438     152     -  65
    mad      541     2789    + 416
    sad      228     675     + 196
    fear     60      132     + 120
    neutral  136     233     +  71

    View Chart:…

  • 2010-05-23 18:44:03 UTC
    mood     6       7       % diff.
    love     842     427     -  49
    joy      802     338     -  58
    wow      438     152     -  65
    mad      541     2769    + 412
    sad      228     671     + 194
    fear     60      131     + 118
    neutral  136     233     +  71

    View Chart:…

  • 2010-05-22 17:51:18 UTC
    mood     6       7       % diff.
    love     842     424     -  50
    joy      802     334     -  58
    wow      438     150     -  66
    mad      541     2745    + 407
    sad      228     665     + 192
    fear     60      128     + 113
    neutral  136     230     +  69

    View Chart:…

  • 2010-05-21 14:35:34 UTC
    mood     6       7       % diff.
    love     842     400     -  52
    joy      802     314     -  61
    wow      438     141     -  68
    mad      541     2579    + 377
    sad      228     605     + 165
    fear     60      122     + 103
    neutral  136     214     +  57

    View Chart:…

  • 2010-05-20 11:58:10 UTC
    mood     6       7       % diff.
    love     841     343     -  59
    joy      802     284     -  65
    wow      438     129     -  71
    mad      541     2280    + 321
    sad      228     513     + 125
    fear     60      106     +  77
    neutral  136     184     +  35

    View Chart:…

  • 2010-05-19 18:00:00 UTC
    mood     6       7       % diff.
    love     840     278     -  67
    joy      802     235     -  71
    wow      438     100     -  77
    mad      540     1727    + 220
    sad      228     404     +  77
    fear     60      82      +  37
    neutral  136     140     +   3

    View Chart:…

My thoughts on Version 7

Version 7 was relatively unexpected. What do I mean? Well, as a subscriber there's no reason for me to complain since I can easily become a beta tester. However, in the interest of the unsubscribed, I do believe it was unexpected. So, on top of that, the layout took on a greatly different face. So now people have been unexpectedly sucked into this new and unfamiliar layout.

Ok, so this brings me to my next point: People will get used to it. At first I was outraged by the change. But I was forgetting that resistance to change is absolutely normal. So, I'm still not happy with it but I'm just going to wait on it, then see how I feel. With time people will be used to it I think. In some way, I have a feeling that deviantART was expecting increased resistance (but, maybe not this much) to this update, so they're simply waiting until the fire cools down.

Now I know several people have left or are thinking on leaving because of this new version. I think they should just simply wait for this new version to grow on them. If they have been using it for a few months and still don't like it, perhaps then they should consider moving on. I don't think snapping to a conclusion is the best idea.

True, the new version also came with several bugs, but I'm sure deviantART is working hard getting them fixed rather than listening to people rant on how the new version sucks.

So, right now I'm taking a neutral stand on the new version until I can clearly make a determination on it.

"I don't ever want to be quoted!" - Anonymous
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Fri Feb 12, 2010, 4:48 PM
I'm coming back to my element. New artworks are coming my dear friends! :)

"I don't ever want to be quoted!" - Anonymous
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The Updates!

Thu Feb 26, 2009, 8:14 PM
[ Work ]
Since my last journal entry, I got a new job. I now work at NeighborNet, Inc. located in Eastpointe, MI as a Web Developer/Graphic Designer. I got the job Feb 4th and started Feb 9th. In my first week I designed the basic workings of a message board from the ground up. I'm almost finished with it. I'm also their graphic designer, so this week I've been redesigning their handouts/postcards for their advertising. Today, my brother also got hired there.

[ Play ]
My recent project has been towards my new Rubik's Cube related website. I will give more information on that once I actually have something online to show. One thing is for sure, it's going to be awesome.

:tux: :crash:
[ Linux ]
My Debian Linux box isn't working so well. I hope I can get it working well soon. Probably going to swap out some hardware.

[ 2010 Calendar ]
Right now it doesn't look good. I don't think I can get it done by September when calendars come out. The only demand I've seen for it has been local. Nobody other than me has ordered some. I ordered 13 sold about 13, though I have 3 left due to a order issue which was partly my fault as well as theirs and deviantART kindly refunded my purchase. (Thank you deviantART!)

[ Recently ]
I ordered two sets of the emoticon stress balls and a 1 year extension to my subscription.

[ Journal Style ]
I need to get around to updating my journal style. I'll probably make it better than it was.

Remember, I still have a calendar!
2009 Calendar
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Linux running again!

Sat Nov 29, 2008, 2:38 PM
I have a machine running Debian Linux that hasn't been working for about 3 or 4 months. Last night I tried getting it back up again with limited success. Today I managed to get it up and running like I had it before.

Now here's the odd part. In order to keep it running, I have to keep Bryce running under wine (a MS Windows emulator), otherwise it freezes faster than a juice box in freezing Alaskan weather. This isn't a new thing. When I ran the server before, I did the same thing to keep it alive.

So, what does this mean? It means I should be doing more rendering since I can render on my Linux machine again. I'm very reluctant when it comes to rendering on my Windows machine. Why? Because I can't play games until Bryce is done rendering, which can be awhile.

Remember, I still have a calendar!
2009 Calendar
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I need a job.

Sun Nov 9, 2008, 10:13 AM
In my last journal post I expressed my excitement (or whatever it was I felt at the time) for my new job. Well, starting this week, I'm only working 2 days a week. Not enough to live on. So, here I am, in search for a new or additional job.

For those who will, pray for me. At least wish me luck. Please!

Oh, if you know anyone who might need a web developer or designer, let 'em know I can help!

Remember, I still have a calendar!
2009 Calendar
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I have a job.

Tue Oct 14, 2008, 8:56 PM
Yeah, I got a job with Summit Sports as a PHP developer, though I do do some design stuff as well as some JavaScript. I like the job so far. I am getting more stressed though, which isn't normal for me. The drive sucks, but worth it in my opinion. I have to drive about 27 miles to the office.

Slightly off topic:

Now that I have a job, I'm going to start looking for a small cheap pickup truck. Then I'll start looking into getting a laptop (either a Apple iBook or just a regular laptop and put Ubuntu Linux on it). Once I get my laptop, I'll look into dune buggies. I have an interest in dune buggies, so it's one of my goals in life to get one. I never had or even driven/rode a dune buggy, but I know they are a lot of fun.

So, I plan to start out with a basic cheap dune buggy, likely a sandrail. Then I'll have fun with it, work on it, upgrade it maybe, etc. Then once I have enough money, I'll invest in another dune buggy, but a fiberglass one (those are nice ones used basically only on the roads) and maybe paint it or something. So then I'll have one for fun at the dunes (the good dunes are on the other side of the state)/offroading and one for the road and cruising around.

Anyway, there is my plan for my big future investments (at least they're big investments for me at this point). I have no idea how long it will take to fulfill, but I sure it's going to be a very long time.

Remember, I still have a calendar!
2009 Calendar
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2009 Calendar!

Wed Sep 3, 2008, 9:02 PM
Check out my new 2009 calendar!

2009 Calendar - for 'whatever year it is' by zavaboy

Please order one today! (Bah! At least before the year starts!) :D

All the images in the calendar are top quality 3D artworks! :)

I plan to make a 2010 calendar next year, but it greatly depends on the success of this calendar.

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Calendar to be released!

Mon Sep 1, 2008, 9:58 AM
My calendar will be released as soon as deviantART switches over to the 2009 calendars. I expected that to be today, but I guess it may be tomorrow because of Labor Day.

Edit: Well, there goes that... After a little snooping around, I saw last years calendar season news entry which was posted around September 4th, so it may be around that time this year. Let's watch and see.

Hold tight! :)

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Rules are simple to enter:
  • Post a comment (to this journal entry) worth reading. I'm serious. (Tip: Briefly talk about your favorite topic.)
  • Only your first comment counts, posting more comments will not increase your chances of winning.
  • Don't post about how cool you are. (Even if you are cool!)

After August 31st 2008, I will select 2 users out of the entries at random. One will get my calendar upon it's release and the other will get a 1 year deviantART subscription. The winners may also, if desired, give their gifts to someone else on dA. The winners will be indicated here and notified with a note at the end of this giveaway.

I'm ultimately the one who decides who's comments conform to the rules. I will try to the best of my ability to be fair to everyone.

Good luck! ;)

(Results: no winners :( )

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My Ice Drops deviation has been featured by babygirl77. Please visit her profile and read Blue Features! in her journal.


I will be posting a journal entry for this drawing at the beginning of next month (I'm aiming for the 1st). All you have to do is leave a comment and I will add you to the drawing. Please read the rules in the journal entry before posting, otherwise you may be removed from the drawing or have a reduced chance of winning. There will be two winners from the drawing. One winner will receive a one year deviantART subscription and the other winner will receive my calendar.

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Awesome trip to Canada!

Thu Jul 10, 2008, 4:25 PM
I just got back from Canada last night. We (me and my brother, Mark) went up to see our friend Jason9811 and head down to Niagara Falls. He talks about it in his journal. But, I think I should put my story in my words rather than just asking you to read his journal.

Jason goes to Niagara Falls every year. Last year we missed him, so from that time we planned to go next time. So, in the last few weeks before we left for Canada we got all the details planned out. We left our house in Michigan at 6am on Friday, July 4th (yeah that's right, we left before the fireworks) and traveled for about 5 hours until we got to his place. This was the first time I've been out of the states in my life. So anyway, we had fun (that's an understatement for sure) that night playing the Nintendo Wii we (LOL, sorry) brought with us.

The next day, Saturday, was a free day where we went to the local mall (the Oshawa Centre) to exchange my currency, eat at the food court, get our CN Tower tickets, which were express and at a good deal. Then to a Asian shopping mall (the Pacific Mall) and met some of Jason's friends while we were there. Then we went to the CN Tower which made most of my pictures for the trip. It was Jason's third time to go up in it. After the 2 hours we spent at the CN Tower, we quickly went to get a glimpse at a house he used to live at. Then we went to McDonald's for some food (I got the same Jason got, Chicken McNuggets with sweet and sour sauce along with apple pies). From there we went back to his place to enjoy the rest of the night playing Wii and making jokes. :D

Sunday we left for Niagara Falls, found a fairly nice (cheap) place to stay and went to TGI Fridays for dinner. From there we walked around the town a bit. We had another awesome night.

Monday we got up and got some breakfast from a nice small restaurant ran by a British bloke. We then left to do some mini golf, I got 2 hole in one's and won by 4 points. From there we went to do go-carts, which was a ton of fun. We then went to the casino, which I didn't do anything since I don't believe in gambling. I just watched Jason lose money while we were there. Then the highlight of the day, we went on the Maid of the Mist at the falls. It was just awesome, including the ability to see about 270° of a rainbow. After that we went to Pizza Pizza to get, well, pizza and some drinks. From there we went to the arcade and with about $50 we played through the whole game of Crisis Zone and won 1025 tickets from other games and got a nice neon wall clock. From there (it was dark outside already) we went back to the Pizza Pizza to enjoy the night with karaoke and two games of pool, though I didn't feel like playing the second game so just Mark and Jason played. Then we left back to the hotel for the night.

Tuesday we left to go back to Jason's place. Had dinner there and then left for home the next morning. Upon crossing the border our vehicle (a 1997 Honda Odyssey) was stopped and searched. We were released with no worries. I think we were stopped since we never crossed before, but it could have been just a random check. We got back home around 7:30pm Wednesday, July 9th. All in all, it was an awesome trip. :) I'd definitely go again if money allows.

This trip's cost was about $400 (about $100 for gas alone), though Mark paid for his half, so it just cost me about $200. :wow:

Pictures relating to the trip:
CN Tower 1 by zavaboy CN Tower 2 by zavaboy Rogers Centre "Sky Dome" by zavaboy

More pictures can be found on my website!

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Calendar Reminder! (win stuff)

Sun Jun 1, 2008, 9:54 AM
Ok, September is creeping up slowly and will be here soon, so here's a reminder for everyone to at least check it out when I release it. I will stop selling it once the sale of 2009 calendars on dA ends (September 2009) and will then release my 2010 calendar. I'm using very good quality images in the calendar, so please consider getting one (or two, to give to a friend or something!).

Oh yeah, I said something about winning... I'll let you know once I think of something, but there will be a prize to win! :)

I'm getting more and more exited about this and hope people will buy it (I'm sure I'll get some people buying it)! :D

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New stuff!

Sun Apr 27, 2008, 11:44 AM
Ok, bought myself a Nintendo DS Lite. I was able to get it (in a like new condition) for $95.25 (+ $5 shipping) on eBay. That's like $30 cheaper than just getting a brand new one from Amazon or something. It comes with a nice clear vinyl case with flames on it too. The DS Lite is the crimson and black one, which is the coolest of them all, even cooler than the cobalt blue and black IMHO. Yes yes, I already have a DS, but I wanted a DS Lite since everything is better about it. I plan to sell my original DS.

I need to stop using money if I want to go to Canada to see my buddy Jason9811. Bah, I have enough! :D

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New Mumble skin!

Sat Mar 22, 2008, 4:04 AM
I just released my first Mumble skin today. Everything is skinned, even the configuration window. For more information and to download it, go here: Mumble Skins

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Tue Feb 19, 2008, 10:37 AM
Ok, do you like that subject I gave this? Hmm? You only would if your a programmer, right? I'll tell you what it means later.

I've been playing it a lot of GMod and couldn't stop. I got mods for it (yes, mods for a mod). One mod is called "wires" which allows you to wire up electronic components up to things and make them do stuff. One of the things I made was a altitude sensitive bomb, I launch it with thrusters and once it reaches a certain altitude it will blow up. Me and a friend made a countdown panel for launching rockets and blowing up nukes and the like. It counts from 20 by default (we made it so you can set the time before starting) and will launch on zero. I also made some lights to indicate how much time is left even though we did have a display to show it. All the wiring up of conditionals and controls (and the such) came natural to me because of my coding knowledge, it's just that I had to learn how to use them. There's also a chip, called the expression chip, that you can program, I'm looking into learning how to do that. If I learn how to code the expression chip, I can probably turn our countdown panel from like 20 chips to 1 chip, the expression chip.

So, does this game sound interesting? If you find this very interesting and you can't seem to stop playing with it, you will like GMod.

If you ever had or have Lego Mindstorms and loved it, you will love GMod with the wires mod. It's the same thing, but you can work with explosives, guns, lasters, and all sorts of other stuff with the added bonus of no limitations, well except the sky, but even that is pretty high up on most maps.

If you want to know exactly what you can do in GMod, search for it on YouTube. You will find all sorts of stuff you can make, even with the wires mod.

Well, I've had it for a few weeks now and I broke it. Nothing serious, just something some epoxy should take care of. I also managed to receive batteries from the seller when I asked about them. The batteries are NiCD, but I got them for nothing, so why complain? When they have no more life due to the "memory effect" that they are known for, I will use NiMH instead. Other than it being broken right now, if fires great, but I need fresh alkaline batteries for it to run good. My old NiMH batteries have lost too much of their power to do anything and I haven't had a chance to try the new NiCD batteries sent by the seller. Anyway, needs fixed, I will get to fixing it soon, I hope. It's just a matter of time.

Well, it basically means if the news is good, the subject is "GMod", otherwise it's "Airsoft". Understand? It's a shorthand conditional. It can be used in PHP as well as Perl and some other lanuages. If your a coder and you want to know how to use it, Google it.

I had to shoten it because dA doesn't like long Subjects. It tried to make it this:

Oh well...

Anyway, fun stuff. ^_^

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